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What is viral sore throat?

viral tonsillitis treatment Viral sore throat is the congestion that occurs in the throat as a result of a viral infection , meaning that antibiotics are not the appropriate treatment option for it, as as we know, these antibiotics are used to eliminate bacteria, not viruses , and this type of inflammation is also contagious, as it results from infection. There are many types of viruses that can be transmitted from one person to another.

It should be noted that there is another type of sore throat, which is bacterial, resulting from infection with streptococcal bacteria , in which case the patient needs to take antibiotics.

What are the causes of viral sore throat?

There are a large number of viruses that may cause sore throat , so it is the most common cause of sore throat. In this case, the infection may be

As a result of infection with one of the following causes :

Influenza virus .
Viruses that cause measles .
Chicken pox . 
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What are the causes of recurrent viral sore throat?

Many people suffer from recurrent viral sore throat or its persistence for a long time, and in this case it is necessary to determine the reason behind this, as it may be an indication of a disease or problem, such as tonsillitis , but this condition often affects children. Symptoms that may accompany persistent sore throat due to tonsillitis include:

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Pain during swallowing, and in some cases the affected person may also suffer from difficulty swallowing, and not just pain.
The hoarse voice .
Enlarged lymph nodes , causing neck stiffness and jaw pain.
Redness and swelling of the tonsils.
Bad breath
It should be noted here that some cases of tonsillitis may be due to a bacterial infection , meaning that the cause is not always viral, but may sometimes require the use of antibiotics .

Another cause of persistent sore throat is infection with the Epstein-Barr Virus or EBV, which causes the condition known as mononucleosis . The symptoms of this condition are similar to those of influenza, except that the sore throat that accompanies it It may last for a long time , but there is no need to worry, as this condition can be treated when you go to the doctor, and the symptoms that accompany it also include: [3]

Swelling of the throat and nec
Weakness. Night sweats
Persistent congestion in the throat that may accompany the patient throughout the period of infection.

What is the treatment for viral sore throat?

The body’s immunity can naturally eliminate sore throat, but to speed up the recovery process , several steps can be followed, including the following:

Wash the mouth and throat with a medicinal gargle , such as Betadine gargle, or gargle with salt and water.
Use lozenges sold in pharmacies, as there are a number of them that differ in their components and effects, but most of them depend on the presence of Vitamin C , in addition to the topical anesthetics found in some of them
Drink plenty of water
Using steam therapy , that is, inhaling it, and it is recommended to put things such as peppermint oil in it. Some inhalation products that are placed in water to treat these conditions are also available in pharmacies
Drink warm drinks such as soup, lemon and mint tea.
Drink apple cider vinegar diluted with water. You can mix a teaspoon of it and another spoon of honey in a cup of warm water to help the body get rid of viruses
Sleeping in a slightly elevated position to improve the process of expelling mucus, if any
Most of the previous methods also help in treating viral sore throat in children .

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Treatment with medications

Some anti-edemas can be taken if needed. Also, some of the advanced cases we mentioned previously may require more severe treatment by the doctor, such as cortisone and other medications prescribed by the therapist, in addition to analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs. However, the extremely important matter that we need to be aware of here is not to take it. There is a role for antibiotics when the cause is viral, as unfortunately many people take antibiotics as soon as they feel a sore throat, which is wrong behavior as the cause is viral in most cases, so taking these antibiotics is prohibited except when there is evidence of a bacterial infection, such as a high temperature. The body with pus spots in the throat, or when performing some tests and analyzes that confirm the presence of a bacterial infection or not

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Viral sore throat, how many days does it last?

How long a viral sore throat lasts depends on several factors, such as the strength of the infected person’s immune system , and whether or not he receives supportive treatments that are not antibiotics, as the body’s immune system fights viruses during that period, and based on its speed and ability to get rid of these causes, the period is determined. During which this congestion may disappear . But we can say that the average period of time that the body may need to succeed in this battle and eliminate congestion can be estimated at between 5 to 7 days , unlike other infections that may occur, for example, due to bacteria and require a shorter period than after taking antibiotics

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When is it recommended to visit a doctor?

It is recommended to visit a doctor when a sore throat persists for more than two days. It should be noted here that most cases of sore throat can be easily cured by following a number of steps and procedures at home, but sometimes the cause may be an illness or a problem that requires medical assistance, as we mentioned previously in the case of Tonsillitis, mononucleosis, or other conditions, so it is recommended to seek medical advice when feeling the following in addition to sore throat:

Severe pain .
Difficulty eating or swallowing.
Difficulty speaking
High body temperature
Difficulty sleeping
It is also recommended to go to the doctor in the above cases to avoid complications that may occur, such as:
ear infection
Having rheumatic fever
In conclusion, it is always recommended to treat viral sore throat gradually , not to resort to medications except when needed, and not to take antibiotics except when it is confirmed that there is a bacterial infection. 

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